Featured Art of the Peace Member – Dec 5 – 19, 2011

Our featured Art of the Peace member is Al Gervais from Al Gervais Photography

Al Gervais Photography Car PhotographAl Gervais Photography Car PhotographAl Gervais has been learning the principals of photography for a little over 8 years.  His learning has been self directed and not institutionalized.  He is inspired by innovation and strives to make what he does the best it can be.

He believes photography as art is experiencing continuous change which he thinks is fantastic.  He states, the roll of a photographer has historically been to  document or “report what they see”, but the world of digital media opens up all kinds of possibilities for a …
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The Art of Critique.

It’s been a long time since the last writing has been posted.  Yet, it feels everywhere I have turned over the past month a discussion has happened.  Many of them worth having a greater discussion within the posting. 

Critiques.  What really is a critique?  I always find it interesting to discuss the idea of a critique, or crit for short, with others.  Why is it such a bad word?  I’m not swearing, but you would think I was and trying to start a fight.  I think it’s time that we talk about the matter as practicing artists.  Understand that the …
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How do I grow?

The age old question?  How does an artist continue to grow?  It seems for me this question is something that reoccurs over and over.  So, lets have the discussion. 

At the moment I believe that we as artists needs to always be developing.  To always be looking.  And always be learning.  Saying this just doesn’t mean to hold the pencil a different way or a new medium in the the paint or even use a different kind of clay.  Eventhough, this is valid to me, there is more.

I have recently been honored in being asked and to be involved …
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The Red Project at the Centre for Creative Arts.

My first impression walking into this exhibition was “wow”. And really after spending the better part of 2 hours it still remains the same. However, I do find myself asking a number of questions. These questions are directed to the artist, the hosting facility, and I think even to other viewers and myself. What a situation I find myself in.


For me, a rule I follow is to go into exhibitions with no knowledge or understanding of the show. To go in, experience what the artist wants to share, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. After walking the exhibition …
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Many Pardons.

I’m sorry to the artists and art lovers out there.  I missed a post that involved many of our local people as we all strive to exhibit more. 

Over the past weekend a number of openings happened.  The Centre for Creative Art, www.creativecentre.ca/, hosted Sean Trostem in photographic exhibition.  The show will be up until March 25th.

Janet Enfields’ “People Every Which Way” will be at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, www.dcartgallery.ca/.  The show will be up until March 19th.

And finally, Patricia Peters.  Patricia has an exhibition up at the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre, www.beaverlodgegallery.com/.  The show …
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Sharing a great site online

I just wanted to share this site with everyone.  I wasn’t aware of it until the past week and haven’t been able to pull myself away from it since.


I know what people are going to say.  Come on, keep up with the times.  But, alas, apparently I live in a bubble and this is the reason we have a comment tab.  Share your site, a favorite site, and interesting article or upcoming events and shows. 

Don’t forget about Facebook, we are active there also. 

AGM is quickly approaching.  Centre for Creative Arts, March 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm.…
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Great Weekend for Openings.

Great time for people to take advantage of the shows that are showing right now and make a day of it.  I have been to three openings over the last couple weeks and am definately going to head out again before they close.

“Red” is showing at the Centre for Creative Arts.  A juried exhibition that have filled the walls with the reoccuring theme of red, obviously.  A huge range of works and mediums from emerging to established artists.

“Eternal” at the Centre 2000 gallery.  An open show that also attracted awide range of artists and mediums.  This show is …
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Beaverlodge Area Cultural Society Exhibition hosting Darlene Dautel

I want to first welcome everyone back.  Perhaps in our area we don’t discuss our work enough or perhaps there isn’t enough awareness created from the products that we are opening to everyone around us.  I recently went to view an exhibit at the Beaverlodge Area Cultural Society of Darlene Dautel.  A number of people asked if I had seen the show and mentioned that it was well worth the trip to go and see.  And they were correct.

My first thought that is was in Beaverlodge and a 25 minute drive away.  My second thought was that if I …
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The First of Many.

I would first like to invite everyone to our newly established Art of the Peace Blog.  As we strive out to reach more people and discover new terrain, I think it is also a fundamental idea of where we have been.  Reaching out now to the supporters, tell me what is going on in your area.  The idea about this blog is to get out there and tell the stories and share what is going on in our talented Peace Region.

Here is a tool to do so.  Let me know where and when.  So, Beaverlodge, Fort St. John, Fairview, …
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