Featured Art of the Peace Member – Dec 5 – 19, 2011

Our featured Art of the Peace member is Al Gervais from Al Gervais Photography

Al Gervais Photography Car PhotographAl Gervais has been learning the principals of photography for a little over 8 years.  His learning has been self directed and not institutionalized.  He is inspired by innovation and strives to make what he does the best it can be.

He believes photography as art is experiencing continuous change which he thinks is fantastic.  He states, the roll of a photographer has historically been to  document or “report what they see”, but the world of digital media opens up all kinds of possibilities for a photographer to play and express their thoughts even further. “At a minimum, art (including photography), should provide viewers  with a break from the daily grind and allow them to at least momentarily unwind.  A loftier goal is to have the audience walk away better for the encounter, meaning anything from a refreshed state of mind to a better understanding of a subject or even a change in philosophy.” says Al.

When it comes to the subject of his photography versus the way the photograph is executed, Al feels a photographer needs to pay attention to both. He believes a great finished product requires a subject that has the potential to invoke a mood or thought that the  viewer can connect with and so, execution of that concept by way of intriguing camera angle, deliberate lighting, appropriate post processing and even correct selection of paper type for the final print are integral to pulling the audience into the scene.

Al Gervais Photography Landscape PhotographAl executes his finished product with the initial photographs are captured either in field or a studio type setup and if changes are necessary  to match what is captured in the camera with my original vision they then occur at then end of a computer mouse.  When Al is taking the picture, that part is life.  He believes if the photograph matches his interpretation of what that encounter means to me then he is finished,  if  not then he continues further.  He strives to represent the mood and reflection felt when he was there.  If a gap between the photograph and his imagination needs to be filled, then he fills that gap with tools like photoshop.

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