Great Weekend for Openings.

Great time for people to take advantage of the shows that are showing right now and make a day of it.  I have been to three openings over the last couple weeks and am definately going to head out again before they close.

“Red” is showing at the Centre for Creative Arts.  A juried exhibition that have filled the walls with the reoccuring theme of red, obviously.  A huge range of works and mediums from emerging to established artists.

“Eternal” at the Centre 2000 gallery.  An open show that also attracted awide range of artists and mediums.  This show is based around a theme of water.

“GPRC Students” at the Beaverlodge Area Cultural Society.  A show put together from instructors at the college of first and second year students.

After seeing the shows, I can look at the situation that we have in the region and realize how solid of a platform our arts and culture are in the Peace Region.  The involvement of so many new artists with every open show.  The strength is our youth coming up through our school systems that appreciate the arts.  The acknowledgement and effort that individuals/groups are putting together to remember why, as artists, we do what we do.

I am looking forward to gettting to Dawson Creek this month to participate in their arts celebration.  And as well, I also want to welcome a new group to the region, “The Peace River Art Club.”  Details to follow.

Many many new oppertunities coming forward with call to artists.  Join us on Facebook aswell with quick upcoming events.

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