Many Pardons.

I’m sorry to the artists and art lovers out there.  I missed a post that involved many of our local people as we all strive to exhibit more. 

Over the past weekend a number of openings happened.  The Centre for Creative Art,, hosted Sean Trostem in photographic exhibition.  The show will be up until March 25th.

Janet Enfields’ “People Every Which Way” will be at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery,  The show will be up until March 19th.

And finally, Patricia Peters.  Patricia has an exhibition up at the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre,  The show called, “Where the Wind Blows” will be up until March 31st.

Now unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the exhibitions, but that will change.  Eventhough I haven’t seen alot of work from Sean, I have communicated with him enough to understand that his pieces bring and element of thought into them.  And the pieces that I have seen have been very well documented and look forward to seeing this show.

Patricia Peters is relatively new to me, but that doesn’t mean anything and see brilliance in her work.  With random conversations between openings, art demonstrations, and classes art is something to her and means alot to be able to complete and show off the end result.

And Janet, what more can I say about Janet.  If you haven’t seen the work from her, you are missing out.  Eventhough, the vast majority I have seen from her are her paintings and through the classes that she teaches at the Centre for Creative Arts, I also spend one evening a week figure drawing with her and many others.  And if I may be so bold, a different page of Janet.  Something fresh in her drawings and lines that one can only appreciate when in the process or even afterwards.

I will be heading out over the next week or 2 to view and participate in the exhibits,yes…even to Dawson Creek.  If anyone wants to join me let me know…the more the merrier.

I hope to see you out there. 

P.S.- In the back of your head, keep in mind that the Symposium will be held in Dawson Creek this year and will have the show at the Art Gallery there.  If everyone wants to think about building the CV and the oppertunity to show and exhibit and even a little exposure…this is where it starts and is a great oppertunity.

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