The Art of Critique.

It’s been a long time since the last writing has been posted.  Yet, it feels everywhere I have turned over the past month a discussion has happened.  Many of them worth having a greater discussion within the posting. 

Critiques.  What really is a critique?  I always find it interesting to discuss the idea of a critique, or crit for short, with others.  Why is it such a bad word?  I’m not swearing, but you would think I was and trying to start a fight.  I think it’s time that we talk about the matter as practicing artists.  Understand that the idea behind a crit isn’t to be CRITICAL, but very much the opposite. 

They are designed to help and aid through constructive conversation how we as artists see.  How we can use it to help view others work.  To grow in our views, our ideas, and even our technical endeavours.  Being an artist and knowing so many artists it would be fair to say that we just want to get better.  And that is open to every aspect of the field, from technique to composition to portraying the right meaning from the piece or the show.

It isn’t necessary to transition into a defensive mode about “why” you created the piece.  We aren’t questioning why the art is discussing “animal rights” or “clear cutting.”  The discussions are more about the idea of if your topic is being portrayed the way you intended.  Understand that a crit helps to understand what people are seeing from it.  How we, as viewers, are depicting the image.  To help with the questions that you have and heaven forbid…share and help develop.

I have found myself leading a lot of critique groups lately.  And they have been wonderful.  I can only hope that people that aren’t directly involved in the groups or other groups can bring this concept of discussion forward and help themselves and the ones around them grow.

Next week…or maybe later today…the art of the signature.

2 responses to “The Art of Critique.”

  1. Eileen Coristine says:

    Looking forward to the art of the signature.

  2. Candace. Gunsolley says:

    Critique: a very interesting topic, and a great way to grow and improve one’s creations. I think it helps get over the feelings and sensitive issues with our selves. To reach out to one another. We are together in our exploration, in this we form trust and encouragement. I have a few friends that are very good at what they do creatively, but will not risque critiques. I myself was initially afraid, and now value the experience!

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