The Red Project at the Centre for Creative Arts.

My first impression walking into this exhibition was “wow”. And really after spending the better part of 2 hours it still remains the same. However, I do find myself asking a number of questions. These questions are directed to the artist, the hosting facility, and I think even to other viewers and myself. What a situation I find myself in.


For me, a rule I follow is to go into exhibitions with no knowledge or understanding of the show. To go in, experience what the artist wants to share, and leave with a sense of accomplishment. After walking the exhibition for 15-20 minutes I found myself asking for an artist statement. The title “The Red Project” can interpret so many meanings and underlying thoughts. And oddly, the show did the same to me. Which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing. Is it?

I think the images individually work.  But, throughout the experience I couldn’t help but try to find underlying ideas and conversations within it.  In the end, I did, but they all talked differently to me.  Breaking down the images to subject, object, representation of red, and interior/exterior staging a very different sense comes from the gallery. 

I think in the end, Sean has a great representation of what he does.  When I see this show though, I can’t help but wonder if two shows could come from this project.  With having so many pieces available, I think each framed piece deserve the opportunity to talk by itself with a little more space on the wall.  Well, worth seeing and I will again next week.

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