Issue #5 | Fall/Winter 2005

A Toast to Art Teachers

Devoting an issue to art education seemed a logical plan for a magazine that wants to raise the profile of the arts. There were many arts teachers to write about, and a wide range of programs and services through which to explore and advance our own arts knowledge. We realized soon enough that this will not be our last foray into helping people lead fuller lives through learning art.

For our teacher profiles, we sought those who had not only taught but practised art, and who had influenced students in different areas of the Peace. We found these people to be enormously humble: Each suggested we choose someone else, who, in their mind had had a wider influence, and was, if not a better artist, a more worthy teacher specimen.

Yet, there are still elementary, junior and high schools where arts instruction is not available, despite a concerted effort on behalf of parents, and the availability of outside programs offered through non-profit arts organizations.

With ever-growing evidence of the need for developing the part of the brain that houses creative thinking, arts programs continue to struggle for recognition in many of our schools. Hiring teachers who actually have fine arts backgrounds to teach art is very important in addressing the issue.Arts educators everywhere, this issue salutes you.

Jody Farrell

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