Issue #11 | Fall/Winter 2008

Yin and Yang

This being fall, we wanted to showcase the talents of two of our well-loved and talented teachers: Tina Martel of Grande Prairie Regional College, and Laine Dahlen of Northern Lights College in Dawson Creek. We thought it was an interesting symmetry, equal but in many ways opposite – Alberta and BC, female and male, mid-career and nearing retirement. Martel’s body of work has been largely comprised of abstract painting and mixed media works. Dahlen’s has been devoted to refining representational painting, constantly aiming for perfection. Martel’s has been a love affair with surfaces and textures; Dahlen’s has shown a devotion to depth, or at least the illusion of it. Hers is ephemeral; his is made to last.

Together they represent two sides of painting: a unity of opposites

For every truth, there is an equal but opposite truth. Yin and yang: a philosophy of duality.

Half black and half white, the two parts of the yin-yang circle make up a single unity. Each completes the other. Each is equal to the other, but opposite. Where one shape waxes, the other wanes, achieving its fullness elsewhere. And each half contains something of its opposite, the way the dark of the night contains the light of the moon and the day contains deep shadows.

Duality is the theme of this issue, represented in both its form and its content.

Wendy Stefansson, Editor

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