Issue #21 |

In This Issue…

Written by Joanna Moen

Two of my favourite things in life are art and travel. If you have a stripe of the nomad-artist in you, then you understand the joy of experiencing new locales by encountering and investigating regional art. Truly, what better describes and represents a culture more than the work of its artisans?

In this spirit then, we hope you will enjoy our new addition to Art of the Peace magazine. Beginning this fall we are offering art-based travel articles. We invite you to enjoy an intriguing description of art in Istanbul. Future issues will include articles in locales including Japan, Paris, Spain, and Santa Fe. In support of this new theme, we also offer tips and techniques on the art journal; an excellent way to document your travels. And, speaking of travel, three accomplished artists from far-flung destinations will share their talents at the Artists Symposium in Grande Prairie. This not-to-be-missed event will occur October 18th–20th.

As we travel about our very own beautiful Peace Region, we hope you will be amazed by the varied expressions and artists we have right here at home. Reading about our cover artist, the talented and dynamic Marjorie Taylor, will prove to be a little excursion of its own as you read of her personal odyssey through art. Art Out There will delight you with everything from chainsaw art in Chetwynd, mural installations of Tim Heimdal, children’s art at the Centre for Creative Arts and much more. Also note the work of Fort St. John ceramist Shannon Butler, our feature artist.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your trek through the fall 2013 Art of the Peace magazine. We hope you enjoy the journey!

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