Issue #4 | Spring/Summer 2005

A Matter of Perspective

Artists who work intuitively say they’re merely putting an obsessive thought or idea into the physical world. Those who’ve had little formal education and schooled types alike often appear surprised that an audience “gets it.” That the audience may actually find relevance other than what the artist intended is sometimes overwhelming. And that we might find salvation in the artist’s perspective is, well, bordering on the uncomfortable.

We’ve said it before in these pages: The world is ready to listen to the artist. That voice that for so long has appeared out of sync with the fast-paced reality we’ve produced is one of the few we’ll look to for answers in the years to come. Why? Because the artist has spent time exploring what the rest of the world has not: The universe within.

Scientists too, are beginning to take a second look at theories they’ve applied to the exterior world, and recognize their massive potential when applied to the individual. Physicists in the newly-released film ‘What the Bleep Do We Know’ address possibilities the artist deals with daily. What with the current state of world politics, the economy, and terrorism on our very roads as well as abroad, the notion that by merely changing our perspective, we might create a new reality, is sounding better all the time.

It’s perhaps presumptuous to assume artists intend anything. But, wittingly or otherwise, they offer a different perspective. And they appear to be hitting on something that even scientists are suggesting might save us.

Jody Farrell

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