Issue #3 | Fall/Winter 2004

Art for Art’s Sake

We try each issue to begin with a thought, a word, or a theme that might inspire new ways to raise awareness of the Peace Region’s visual art and its various roles.

Last issue dealt with the way art figures into the economic development of a community. This time, while we are still increasing awareness that, yes, art is a business, we thought we’d also investigate the notion of art for art’s sake. Do artists do art for its own sake, or do they look at it like the job they’ve been given to do? Have they changed what drives them to make art over the years?

In the following pages, we’ve attempted to have artists address art as art before it becomes something else. In some cases, art appears to be a simple, finished product without further agenda. Other art is done with a specific purpose. Some have gone fron dictating its purpose to allowing art to reveal itself to themselves, and us, sometime in the future.

Perhaps the most soulful response to the question why we do what we do comes from those artists who shared with us why they draw. Except for an enlightenend few, the activity itself appears to be somewhat in danger of disappearing. Its practice may offer the best reason we do all visual art: to make a mark. Our mark. Our practice of making our mark is what eventually renders it ours. And authenticity is really the artist’s greatest gift.

Jody Farrell

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