Issue #27 |

Artist’s Statement

By Twyla Exner

I first arrived in Grande Prairie in 2014 and was delighted to discover a vibrant arts scene filled with diverse artists at all levels of establishing their interests and careers. I have heard in reference on multiple occasions that if a community is geographically isolated from the greater cultural sphere, out of necessity or ingenuity, they create their own culture. Art of the Peace magazine has been published for thirteen years and has served to celebrate the development and accomplishments of the region’s artists and document the arrival and departure of individuals who have had an impact on its cultural wealth.

At the base of the magazine’s operations, readers will find that it is produced by the hard work of both artists and art supporters.Not only do these individuals create their own works they also contribute to the building of their community: they write articles, visit studios, attend events, and promote one another. Indeed, an environment of advocacy and respect is important as artists can endorse their own development through growing and sharing as a community. Artists taking a lead role in constructing and maintaining an arts community in the Peace Region is intrinsic to ensuring the future direction of the arts as an inclusive experience open to all engaged citizens.

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