Issue #16 | Spring 2011

Collaboration Rules

by Eileen Coristine

This spring Art of the Peace celebrates collaboration and the belief that a creation can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Our spring cover features a collaborative work of art by Mary Mottishaw and Mary Parslow. They’ve depicted themselves as the halves of one whole, known as the Two Marys. Together they are reviving printmaking and inspiring each other’s artistic growth.

Through the Youth Filmmaker Challenge, fledgling filmmakers learn how to work together, how to do every job required and how to make the results of their individual efforts into a cohesive whole. Is this, as Terry Scerbak of the Reel Shorts Film Festival describes, the most collaborative art form of all?

Collaboration takes trust. In order for us to come together, we have to know that what we have to offer will be valued and that the other participants will do their best. At Immanence, a group of artists who had never met before spent an evening painting together on the same canvas in front of a live audience. That’s brave and it’s exciting to watch.

In this rugged region, we need each other and so arts and crafts clubs and organizations flourish in our communities. In order to showcase these groups and their activities we now feature a regular column by Susan Thompson called Assemblage.

Have you seen Dan Arberry’s new blog on our website? Dan’s mission is to promote shows; he’s been presenting his art and knows the rewards of getting the word out to other artists. If you let him know he will do his best to attend your show. Dan really wants you to be a success.

Without the collaboration of artists, curators, writers and publishers we wouldn’t be able to produce the magazine you are reading. We make Art of the Peace a beautiful thing – with you.

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