Issue #15 | Fall 2010

Grow Your Arts Community

by Eileen Coristine

What wonderful news we have to report in this issue: there has been measurable growth at the Centre For Creative Arts in Grande Prairie, there was a wildly successful Alberta Arts Days celebration, a new centre for arts is under construc- tion in Dawson Creek and a new arts collective has formed in Peace River.

Candace Hook’s observation that it was hard to avoid art during the Alberta Arts Days celebration in Grande Prairie could be expanded to state that it has become hard to avoid art in the Peace region.

Sure,youcandoitifyouarea diehard recluse who eschews this type of thing as baffling or silly. But if you’re a citizen of even the tini- est community around, you’re going to come across art and arts events in your locale. It could be at a fundraiser for your school, or at the café where you enjoy your coffee and muffin.

It truly is inspirational to see all of the events and all of the visual art that can manifest in a season. It is also staggering to note the amount of energy and effort that artists and art lovers will put into creating these opportunities to share art.

The artworks, shows and events, and the fact that these folks come together and create form another layer in the rich and delicious offering that we’re all invited to share. Yum, it’s so good.

If you really liked it, you can help create the next one. Maybe it will be sweet. Maybe it will be serious. Maybe you’ll make one that shocks or one that soothes. It truly takes all kinds to satisfy.

How about joining us in making this one? Art of the Peace Visual Arts Association is baking up a growing, living, giving buffet of treats: two magazines per year, an an- nual symposium with top quality speakers and workshops, opportunities to show your art in well-attended regional shows, notification of other exhibi- tion opportunities, a variety of retail discounts, inclusion in a directory of artists and road trips to sample the goodies at shows throughout the Peace.

Here’s more good news: membership only costs $10 per year. If this is to your taste, sign up online or call 780-532-2573. We’d love to add you to our list of fresh local ingredients.

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