Issue #25 |

In This Issue…

By Joanna Moen

The release of this issue coincides with Alberta Culture Days 2015. This is not by accident, rather, we publish our fall issue each year as our own artful offering to Culture Days. It also gives us an opportunity to offer our gratitude to our most prolific benefactors, that is, the Government of Alberta and the City of Grande Prairie. We are grateful for your continuing generous annual financial support of Art of the Peace magazine.

We hope that all our readers will indulge us to boast a bit. Frankly, we love our little bi-annual! We think Art of the Peace magazine is very special, because it reflects the art and artists of the Peace River Region. Although we live in a demographically sparsely populated area (relatively speaking), we produce an inordinate number of artists. They feel the need to express their emotions, concepts, experiences, and perceptions, which are often dictated, or at least influenced, by the geographically expansive beauty and remoteness, married with a strong and necessary sense of community.

I admit that when I first moved here 15 years ago from the art-rich city of Edmonton, I had my concerns that my cravings for artistic events and expressions might be compromised. I could not imagine how the north—infamous for oil exploration, grain farming, and what I imagined was an utter lack of cultural sophistication—could compete both in terms of artistic quality and quantity. How wrong I was! When I was invited to edit Art of the Peace magazine, I was delighted, amazed, and humbled by the quality of the art and the artistic spirit here in the Peace. I have even mused with knowledgeable others, on the prolific artistic vortex which seems to exist here.

Utterly lacking in humility I now believe that our little magazine could hold its own in Paris, New York, or Berlin. I feel confident that we could place this little periodical in the cafés, galleries, or coffee tables in these world art capitals, and be met with interest and affirmation. We can hold our own and we can hold our heads high. The art in the Peace reflects the toughness, diligence, and the beauty of this place, in this time. Take a look inside these pages and see if you don’t agree.

Happy Alberta Culture Days and beyond, dear readers!

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