Issue #24 |

In This Issue…

By Joanna Moen

I have been thinking a lot about art and courage lately. For artists, there is the courage it takes to face the blank canvas, the unformed lump of clay, or to make sense of how to use the myriad of media and tools we encounter in our studios. But even more than this, it takes courage to overcome the resistance—the sheer terror we may encounter—at the prospect of having the faith it requires to be an artist.

Who are we to think that we could ever create any art that would ever be considered to be beautiful or meaningful? But we must! We must get ourselves to the blank canvas and simply do our art. Good, bad, or indifferent, the true artist must heed the inner call to create.

One method to overcome resistance is to grant the responsibility for the quality of your art to the muses (or creator, divine spirit, the universe, the fates, as you choose). The artist’s prayer goes like this: “Okay Muses, I will take care of the process. You take care of the product.” Your only job is to do. How well it is done—leave that to the universe.

And so this edition of Art of the Peace is dedicated to all artists in our region who face their fears and yet still have the sheer guts to create. It takes courage to make it through a long, dark and cold winter here in the Peace, but it takes even greater bravery to stare down our own resistance.

With humility, gratitude, and no small amount of awe, I say thank you to all artists in the Peace region. Thank you for being brave enough to create. And especially, thank you to the many artists who had the courage to create the amazing artworks in this, our spring 2015 edition of Art of the Peace.

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