Issue #17 | Fall 2011

Wearable Art

by Eileen Coristine

Due to the overwhelming success of the Wearable Art Show at the Centre for Creative Arts last fall, this year there will be two showings. This is a good thing, since I don’t think anyone who was there last year will want to miss it, and I’m sure they’ve told their friends about the unique creations on the runway.

Does a Skylin Herba gown constructed from old computer parts, or a Debbie Courvoisier clay tile mini-dress beg the question: what are these artists thinking? Perhaps it’s that we sometimes take art and fashion too seriously.

There are times when we have to dress a certain way (though they are becoming rarer) and artworks that can only be viewed with gravity. But a Lori Kolacz frock made of twisted balloons, ain’t that a kick in the culottes! In a take on fashion that is not so wearable but still a comment on style, our featured artist this issue Candace Gunsolley has made an elegant statement by reusing the  pages of fashion magazines.

Repurposing of materials is also a main feature in cover artist, Jenn Bowes’ pieces. Hour upon hours spent reworking books into a surreal fabric merge her meticulous process with materials that we often overlook. This artist lets the pages tell a tale of their own.

Three of a Kind artist, Ashley Lett, also a presenter at the Wearable Art Show, is a dedicated repurposer – pirating anything that she can make into something “flashy and fashionable”. Shannon Fennel’s wearable art is applied directly to the body and its temporary nature thrills her. Her medium is a living person and fashion just can’t get fresher than that. Following the tradition of her ancestors, Hazel Robinson turns moose hide into art. Hazel creates works that demonstrate how long we humans have had the desire to shine in a piece of unique apparel.

I hope you find this issue inspiring; remember, you are your own work of art.

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