Three Artists

Studio Visits

Inspired Chaos

Written by Janet Enfield

image-for-studio-tour-photo-credit-janet-enfieldMy life revolves around the celebration of art in many forms. Experiencing art as a viewer, instructor and maker is central to my daily activities and who I am as a person. When not teaching a classes at the Centre for Creative Arts, I can be found creating in my home studio. I enjoy working with a myriad of materials and experimenting with various techniques and mediums. My studio is the stage for many successes and also for many failures (or as I like to call them, future backgrounds).

My workspace is cluttered with mixed media sculptures from courses I have taught and ideas I have formed. My easel is occupied with a painting featuring striking colours and a comical subject. My computer is engaged with recent Photoshop obsessions. My mind is immersed with The Featherstones, a series of children’s books that I am writing and illustrating. There are canvases, brushes, paints, paverpol, and other materials everywhere. Completed works waiting for their opportunity to be displayed monopolize surfaces along with works in progress. Visitors to my studio may see it as a sea of chaos but it is the setting that inspires me and everything is right where I can find it.


Studio Dreams and Realities

Written by Toni Schuler

studio-tour-toniA spacious 750 square-foot timber frame, straw bale cabin with solar power, bright white washed walls, north facing picture windows, and a vaulted ceiling, with a cafe and a bar and… okay, that’s my dream studio. In reality, my so called studio occupies a corner of a large, partially finished basement. Half-separated by some furniture, and amongst the shoes and seasonal items, basement fixtures, office and fitness stuff, my studio is situated. It is the smallest and most chaotic area of the basement.

I feel creative everywhere I am, but my humble studio is where most of my art is made. In my studio I study art books and magazines and flip through my photographs to find subjects to paint if I do not already have an idea in mind. I doodle, sketch, draw, and place my brushes, saturated with juicy colours down on paper or canvas to realize my ideas, hopes, and dreams.

I enjoy and experiment with different media but I favour watercolour as my main mode of expression. It lends itself well to the way I work and play with colour. I admire it for its simple set up, quick drying, easy clean up, and most of all, portability to accompany me to my other, much larger studio, the great outdoors.


A Peaceful Place to Create

Written by Cheryl Houseman

cheryls-studioNothing can be more satisfying than the peaceful beauty of country living. I was born and raised on a small farm west of Sexsmith. After relocating to Edmonton for six years, my
husband and I returned to the Sexsmith area to farm and raise our family. Having a family and a farm to care for requires a great investment of time and so my love of painting was put on the back burner for a long time.

I am self-taught, although I have attended painting classes, workshops, and have watched various instructional videos. I paint in oils, draw, and lately have been experimenting with watercolour pencils. I love to do other crafts too, such as paverpol, rock, and wood projects. I simply enjoy the process of creating. It relaxes me, makes me smile and brings me great satisfaction. Country life has been my inspiration for my art. I take lots of pictures of what I love: mountains, landscapes, flowers, trees, and rocks which I pull out for a rainy day of painting or drawing.

Four years ago we decided to build onto our house and one of the rooms that we built was a twelve-foot by twelve-foot room dedicated to my creative projects. I love that I can spread my “stuff” out and work free from distractions. I can turn on my music to inspire me or sit in silence concentrating on whatever I am working on.

Now that I have retired from working the farm I hope to spend more time creating new projects, learning new crafts and hopefully making other people smile when they see my art.

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