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  • A

    • Adrian Gregory, Marti View Artist Bio
      Box 416
      Girouxville, AB T0H 1Ss0
      (780) 814-4280
      Oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings, bronze and clay sculpture

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      Marti was born on the Canadian Prairies and has done art work all her life. She has won many awards starting in public school, as well as later in life. She currently lives just north of Grande Prairie, AB with her husband, and animals. She has studied at home and under several reknowned artists.

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    • Arberry, Dan
      (780) 814-4087
      Drawing with passion about life.
  • B

    • Baduk, Tammy
      8809-74 Ave
      Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0H6
      (780) 882-1304
    • Benson, Joyce View Artist Bio
      10772 Chilton Place,
      Peace River Regional District, AB V1G 0B9
      Primarily works in soft pastel depicting our relationship with the natural world.

      Four Out Of Hand (soft pastel on Wallis paper)
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      Painting and drawing are my way of communicating the wonder and fascination that I sense in the created, living world and sharing that with others.

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    • Berg, Grant
      9001 Lakeshore Dr
      Grande Prairie, AB T8X 8C7
    • Bibi Pottery, (Bibi Clement) View Artist Bio
      P.O. Box 144
      Hythe, AB T0H 2C0
      Studio Potter/Sculptor specializing in wood fire and raku techniques. Director of BICWA Society, International Residency Program

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      I am forever intrigued by the nebulous natural world, by its echoes of redemption: The magpies that survive our harsh winters; the sapling that grows on the edge of a stump. Mud that can be washed away becomes a vessel that can last for centuries. Fire that can be incredibly destructive is also an essential tool in my artistic process. Creating my art using different wood fired kilns allows me to bridge the gap between esthetic but also functional pieces and beautiful but nonfunctional work I believe profoundly in recognizing and utilizing loveliness in all of our daily tasks. Our kilns remind me of inukshuks, quiet symbols of homecoming, guidance an inspiration, with which I have long been fascinated. To me, inushuks have come to symbolize fortitude, and the strength to achieve visions despite the crises life tosses our way.

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    • Boden, Penny View Artist Bio
      Mentoring & person & online Drawing - Sculpting - Printmaking - Painting

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      Penny is a Multimedia Artist who is passionate about mentoring beginners. Penny is inspired by her love of nature, her organic garden, and the interesting people in her life. Penny works in styles ranging from the simplest life sketches, to detailed and realistic works.

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    • Brown, Judith A View Artist Bio
      4602 46th St
      Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
      (780) 864-3608

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      Judy began painting in the early 80s and soon chose watercolour as her main medium. She has shown and taught all over the Peace Country for many years. Judy's favourite subjects to paint are water and snow. She is also fascinated by the delicate translucence of prairie skies.

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  • C

    • Coristine, Eileen View Artist Bio
      Box 614
      Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

      Ms. September (Photography-Self Portrait)
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      Eileen Coristine finds her inspiration in the works of talented artists, actors, writers and musicians. Since 2008, she has been a Client Care Worker at Crossroads Women’s Shelter in Fairview. Eileen’s hobbies include photography, gardening, tai chi and combining paper, clay an

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    • Courvoisier, Debbie View Artist Bio
      6-711058 RANGE ROAD 64
      County of Grande Prairie #1, AB T8W 5B8
      Ceramic Artist

      Tree-O (Porcelain - Raku)
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      Debbie Courvoisier

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    • Cowan, Corinne View Artist Bio
      Variety of subject matter painted in watercolours and acrylics.

      Coneflower (w/c - batik)
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      There are many subjects that provide inspiration for my art work. Among my favorites are elements of the four seasons and those of outer space. I have membership in GPGA, ASA and IAAA. Images of my paintings are posted on and

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  • D

    • D'Eeckenbrugge, Jean
      (780) 251-2337
    • Denison, Diane View Artist Bio
      (778) 347-1471
      I paint with both oil and acrylic medium on canvas.

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      Every canvas I finish is like a fresh wind for the next painting! I took lessons with Candice Perry Moen, and Robert Barrett in oils. I also took lessons from Carol Portree in acrylics in British Columbia. My art is inspired by my photos taken by myself or others while exploring the outdoors.

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    • Ditch, Valerie View Artist Bio
      Box 882
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V 3Y1
      Primarily working in watercolour with attention to light and detail. Originals, giclée prints and cards.

      Elvis (Watercolour)
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      Valerie is passionate about the Peace Country! She is grateful that she was born in this Great Land and appreciates the endless painting opportunities it offers. Her intent is to "Walk in Beauty" and allow her surroundings to inform her. She interprets varied subjects of the Peace and beyond that capture her attention. Watercolour is her favorite medium,although she enjoys exploring others. Valerie is a longtime member of the Grande Prairie Guild of Artists and the Peace Watercolour Society.

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    • Durand, Teresa
      780 357 0123
    • Dykstra, Lloyd
  • E

    • Enfield, Janet View Artist Bio
      Box 815
      Wembley, AB T0H 3S0
      (780) 766-2795
      Pet portraits are the subject that I am concentrating on at this time. I work in oils or acrylics.

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      Art has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old. I have tried different mediums but enjoy oils the best. I love painting animals and people and welcome commissions. I enjoy sculpting with a product called Paverpol. It is a material hardening product that is outdoor safe in all weather.

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  • F

    • Fehr, Angela View Artist Bio
      RR2, Site 22, Comp. 21
      Dawson Creek, AB V1G 4E8
      Fluid, vibrant watercolours celebrating the beauty found in the everyday.

      Withered (watercolour)
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      Angela Fehr is a watercolour painter living outside of Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Her florals and landscapes overflow with colour and exuberance, celebrating the beauty found in small moments. She is a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Peace Watercolour Society,

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    • Fuller, Shanda
      (587) 297-3717
  • G

    • Gogal, Elizabeth
      (780) 513-0725
    • Gordey, Roxanne View Artist Bio
      (780) 512-5734
      Abstract expressionism characterized by explorations of the movement of color in acrylic.

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      Born in Grande Prairie but raised in Sunset House. Harboring a keen lifelong interest in art, though engaging in only a casual degree of study in fine arts. Expression through music, drama and visual arts of many forms. Currently undergoing a tattoo artist apprenticeship.

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    • Gourlay, Marilyn
      Mixed media, life drawings. "Instructing yoga keeps my body strong, while my mixed media creations keep my soul connected. My imagery can be completely abstract to the human form."
  • H

    • Haakstad, Carmen
      (780) 539-4483
    • Hachey Nordhagen, Lynn View Artist Bio
      Box 1213
      Beaverlodge, AB T0H0C0
      (780) 354-2285
      My passion is painting our beautiful Peace country with acrylics.

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      Lynn is a Peace country native from growing up in Falher to now calling the Beaverlodge area home. Acrylics is her main medium to capture the beauty of our local land, water, and urban scenery. Her work has been shown from Grande Prairie to Dawson Creek, including TREX.

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    • Hauber, Carla View Artist Bio
      I paint mainly with acrylics and water color depicting life on a small farm and the Peace area.

      Memoriies (Acrylic)
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      I was born and raised in the BC Peace area. Grew up on a small farm and raised our family on one. I painted a little in high school, raised a family and started painting again in 2011 with Edna McPhail. I'm still painting with that group, now we're called Exploring Art.

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    • Henderson, Linda
      11913 Cygnet Blvd
      Grande Prairie, AB T8X 1L9
      (780) 532-9796
    • Henn, Marjorie
      Box 262
      Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0
      Landscapes, berries, flowers and architectural subjects are my passion. Watercolors are my main medium. Pent-ink/pencil drawings and oils reflect my style of realism and design.
    • Hibbing, Lydia
    • Hoffos, Shauna
    • Hook, Candace
      (780) 831-9108
    • Hotte, Vicki View Artist Bio
      Box 277
      Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0
      Unique rural art from the Peace Region. Available at the Beaverlodge Cultural Centre.

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      A visual artist working out of Beaverlodge, Alberta, Vicki uses acrylic paint, various drawing media and found materials to create 2 & 3D images that resonate with her connection to the land. An outdoor lifestyle and sensitivity to nature provide inspiration, as does a keen interest in the process of creativity.

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  • K

    • Kaut, Donna - BSc, FCA View Artist Bio
      Box 675
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V 3A8
      I focus on oil paintings of wild flowers and berries of Alberta.

      Radiance (Oil)
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      Donna was born and raised in Beaverlodge. She first received formal art instruction in 1989 and has since taken various art courses; completing a Certificate of Visual Arts in 1998 at the Grande Prairie Regional College. She is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. From the beginning of Donna’s art career, she has shown her paintings in solo and group exhibitions, and has won numerous awards. Donna has approached her oil paintings in a “natural realistic” style, concentrating on colorful images of wild flowers and berries found near her home. She also paints abstracts and landscapes in oil. Donna says, "Painting is my way of appreciating and enjoying the beauty of creation. It is my hope that, while I have found relaxation and fulfillment in completing a painting, others will find enjoyment viewing it.”

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    • Klukas, Carrie View Artist Bio
      Abstract acrylics on board. Art class instruction tailored to your needs. Classes in felting and one day workshop in Acrylic painting.
    • Krushel, Sharon View Artist Bio
      7117 - 100 Street
      Peace River, AB T8S 1B1
      (780) 624-1647
      Aerial, nature and event photography, and greeting and art card design for Canadian artists

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      I am a photographer with a passion for capturing beauty and fun in a frame. In 2010, I founded, designing cards to celebrate and share the unique beauty and culture of Canada through the work of our artists. I am also a musician and love to combine art forms in events.

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  • L

    • LeCorre, Lynn
      Landscape paintings 'en plein aire', and mixed media stitched drawings.
    • Lissoway, Louise
      9329 - 47 Ave.
      Grande Prairie, AB T8W 2G6
      (780) 538-0616
    • Lozeron, Emily View Artist Bio
      Site 2 Box 11 RR 1
      Sexsmith, AB T0H3C0
      (780) 882-4910
      Bison in the woods stepping forth from the frame. Acrylic painting on Baltic birch

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      Emily is a nature artist that aims keeps the personality of the subject while maintaining painterly feel.

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    • Lumbis, Ken
      10117 - 93 Avenue
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0J9
      (780) 832-5223
      stained glass, ceramic sculpture, film and digital photography
    • Lupick, Ellen View Artist Bio
      Works predominately with oil and watercolour. Has also worked in acrylic, pastel and pen and ink.

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      Ellen has a B.Ed. and over the years has instructed art classes. In the 1960's she started taking classes from local artists throughout the region until eventually she attended GPRC and received a diploma in Visual Art.

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  • M

    • Markin, Patricia
    • Martin, Jan
      (780) 538-1172
    • McCallum, Laurie View Artist Bio
      (780) 296-5857
      Realistic acrylic portrait, wildlife and landscape artist, with a little abstract thrown in for fun.

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      Laurie was born in the prairie wheat province of Saskatchewan. She is a self-taught artist who grew up riding horses and loving all animals, especially her dogs which she has always been surrounded by. Her love of animals shines through in the portraits she paints.

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    • Moe, Katherine View Artist Bio
      Box 123
      Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
      Explores texture and light through mixed media in abstraction and realism. Enjoys acrylic painting, art journaling, watercolour, and photography.

      Space Network (Acrylic on canvas)
      Click to Enlarge
      Katherine is native to Grande Prairie area. After a teaching career, she returned to the Grande Prairie Regional College, to fulfill a life's dream of studying fine arts. She loves to use bold colours and large gestural strokes to express her creativity. This year her mixed media submission to Colleges and Institutes of Canada, Deer Panel #2, won a regional prize for the province of Alberta. Presently she is exploring methods of mark making with a variety of mediums.

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    • Moen, Joanna
      (780) 402-6416
    • Mottishaw, Mary View Artist Bio
      1712 - 92 Ave
      Dawson Creek, B.C. V1G 1C5
      Explores ideas and techniques in works with layers of meaning.

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      Mary is a 30 year resident of Dawson Creek, BC. She received her Visual Arts Certificate from Northern Lights College in 2006 after fulfilling a long time desire to practice art. She works in printmaking, collage, and painting…constantly searching for ways to put ideas together.

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    • Mulligan, Helena
      (780) 538-2009
  • P

  • S

    • Sandboe, Suzanne - ASA, PWS
      Box 28, Site 9, RR1
      Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
      Peace Country artist capturing the landscape and it's people in a variety of mediums including watercolor, acrylic and pencil.
    • Sanderson, Candace View Artist Bio
      10108 105 avenue
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V1H4
      (780) 532-5158
      Sculptor, primarily wood, representational

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      A sculptor whose large scale, organic forms capture the relationship between humankind and its environment. The interconnectedness of the Artist, her medium and subject of inspiration is revealed through sculptures rich with color and depth.

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    • Snook, Andrea
      (780) 402-2832
    • Stokes, Jim
    • Swanston, Nan View Artist Bio
      RR 3, Site 1, Box 6
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V 5N3
      Watercolours of landscapes, florals, people and close-ups of nature and glimpses of time.

      Dappled With Light (Batik)
      Click to Enlarge
      Nan Swanston is a self-taught artist, born and raised in Grande Prairie. Nan paints mainly in watercolour but enjoys the challenges of batik, pastel and drawing. She is a member of Grande Prairie Guild of Artists and exhibits with the group. She is also a graphic artist and partner in Image Design. “I am inspired to paint buildings, people and close-up views of nature. The way that light makes objects glow against their contrasting shadows are an ongoing challenge to capture in my paintings.”

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    • Syrota, Dale View Artist Bio
      7601-102 St
      Grande Prairie, AB T8W 1Y7
      Traditional transparent watercolour painting rendered in a true and unique style.

      Maligne Lake II (Watercolour)
      Click to Enlarge
      Dale Syrota, a longtime resident of Grande Prairie, first studied fine art at the University of Saskatchewan and then in England. In 1983 she joined the Grande Prairie Guild of Artists which gave her the opportunity to participate in many workshops from regional artists. In 1995 she was invited to become a member of the Peace Watercolour Society. In 2005 she was elected as a member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour. She now paints exclusively in watercolour and has work in many private and public collections as well as the AFA and the CSPWC diploma collection. "I like to paint with watercolour because of the spontaneous effects of the medium. I strive to capture that magic throughout my study of the landscape of western Canada."

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  • T

      (250) 787-2153
      Uplifting,watercolours, acrylics, sumi-e and hand pulled prints.
    • Taylor, Marjorie View Artist Bio
      9506-77th Ave
      Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4T3
      Continue the mysterious exploration of artistic endeavors in acrylic painting and sculpting in clay and wood.

      Click to Enlarge
      My journey as a visual artist began 30 years ago. Like so many, I began painting realistic subject matter, but gradually found abstract painting to be both challenging and rewarding. My latest series of paintings consists of the incorporation of my sculptural pieces.

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    • Teasdale, Christy View Artist Bio
      PO Box 1971
      Beaverlodge, AB T0H0C0
      (780) 354-0803
      Acrylic and oil paintings in a variety of subjects matters, emphasis on portraiture.

      Click to Enlarge
      Christy was born in Nova Scotia, earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Brunswick, moved to Alberta for love and there earned a Bachelor of Education. Balancing art, teaching, and being a wife and mother to two two-legged children and a four legged one.

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    • Three Generation Water Colour Artists,
      Box 825
      Spirit River, AB T0G 3G0
      780 864 3608
      Capturing the quality and variety of life in the Peace.
    • Troudt, Sandy
      RR 1 STN Main, S16, C22
      Fort St. John, B.C. V1J 4M6
      250 785 3867
    • Trydal, Tannis View Artist Bio
      I draw in realism to hone my skills but I love to paint in a bold and expressive style, using color and a variety of techniques to express my emotions in the moment.

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      I draw in realism to hone my skills but I love to paint in a bold and expressive style, using color and a variety of techniques to express my emotions in the moment.

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  • W

    • Walker, Marion View Artist Bio
      RR 2, Site 17, Box 2
      Sexsmith, AB T0H 3C0
      (780) 833-7177
      Spinner & Weaver which also progresses into crocheting, knitting and felting.

      Click to Enlarge
      My greatest passions are Spinning and Weaving using mainly natural fibres. I received my Master Spinners Certificate from the Olds College and have now started working on the Master Weaver program. I also enjoy crocheting, knitting, quilting and felting.

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    • Wallwork, Christina
      (780) 533-2982
      Wildlife Artist, Mixed Media, Sumi Ink
    • Webber, Louise View Artist Bio
      (587) 343-2681
      oils, watercolor, pastels, color pencils, and charcoal. I create portraits, landscapes, seascapes.

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      Born into an Artistic Family, art has become a major part of my life. I have won many art awards, had many Solo and Group Shows , have Artwork published in international magazines and Art Books and Published Author of art book Portraits in Oils, sold at Coles Bookstore. Have done commissioned work.

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    • Weiss, Shirley View Artist Bio
      Acrylic on canvas. Landscape; animals and people. Will consider commissions.

      Final Resting Place (Acrylic on Canvas)
      Click to Enlarge
      Shirley Weiss is a local artist from the Grande Prairie - Valleyview area and has lived in the Peace Region for most of her life. Shirley completed high school with 2 years art instruction by correspondence from U of A. Although she has been creating her entire life, her practice has become more driven and focused over the last 5 years. She has works in numerous private, and corporate collections throughout Alberta and abroad.

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    • Wells, Alysoun
      722003 Rng Rd 50
      County of a grande Prairie No 1, AB T8X 4J2
      (780) 876-7491
      Stone sculpture, painting in different mediums
    • Wiliams, Susan
      (780) 814-3902

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